EIA Country Report for Laos

Legal Framework
State, Country or Province: 
EIA law: 
Environmental Protection Law
EIA Regulations: 
Decree on Environmental Impact Assessment
EIA Procedure
Projects Requiring EIA: 
Government projects
Projects Requiring EIA: 
Private projects
Abridged Assessments: 
Assessments Detail: 
The EIA Decree describes two categories of projects. Category 1 includes small scale investment projects with minor environmental and social impacts, for which initial environmental examination is required. Category 2 projects require a full EIA. EIA Decree, Art. 2
Best Practices in Lieu of EIA: 
Who Conducts Screening: 
Criteria for Screening: 
List or appendix of project or activity types
Criteria for Screening: 
Proposed project or activity may cause significant environmental impact
Who Prepares EIA: 
Project Proponent (with or without contractor)
Who Pays for EIA: 
Project Proponent
Who Pays for EIA Detail: 
EIA Decree, Art. 4(5)
EIA Contractor Qualifications: 
EIA Contractor Qualifications Detail: 
"An initial environmental examination or an environmental impact assessment must be conducted only by a Consultant Firm or by a Consultant who is registered at the Water Resources and Environment Administration." EIA Decree, Art. 4(2). See also Art. 4(4)(registration requirements)
EIA Content
Range of Alternatives: 
Range of Alternatives Detail: 
The EIA "must be designed with study of several options, so that the best option can be selected . . . ." EIA Decree, Art. 4(2)
   Updated 14 Aug, 2015